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A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Australian Lottery

A lottery is a type of gambling activity which includes the process of drawing of lots (hence the name) for a certain prize. While there are countries in which lotteries are not allowed, Australian lotto has a long history. This form of entertainment is popular in all Australian states. Australian lottery companies have licenses that allow them to organize this game at a territory or state level. In the recent period, there is a growing trend among established Australian lottery operators to offer playing this game online.

Popular Australian lottery companies

There are four major companies in this sector today – Tatts Group Limited, Jumbo Interactive, Intralot Australia and Netlotto. Of course, many other smaller companies have proven to be reliable too. Some of these companies have the permission to organize national lottery games while others organize games at a state level. It is also worth mentioning that in the past most of these companies were owned by the state, today there is only one relatively big player in this industry owned by the state, and that is Loterrywest. Australian lotteries providers

Aussie lotto games options

One of the most popular Australia lotto games is the Saturday lotto organized by Tattesall’s. As the name suggests, the drawing takes place in Saturday or Saturday night to be more precise. Of course, Australia lotto players can also enjoy this interesting game in other days of the week. Monday & Wednesday Lotto conducted by New South Wales Lotteries is especially popular. In addition, many players are fond of Oz Lotto, Powerball, Trackside, Super 66 and other forms of lotto games. It is good to know that some lottery games were abandoned after a while because of lack of interest or because of the upgrade of these games. Some of these former lottery games include: Intralot Lucky Lines, Intralot Lucky 3, Casket, SA Lotto, Wednesday Gold Lotto and Tatts 2.


Depending on the game they choose, Australian lotto players can expect different prizes. For instance, the most popular Saturday Lotto has a prize worth approximately $4 million each week. It is not unusual for this prize to be shared with several winners. Monday & Wednesday Lotto carries a prize of $1 million and there are super draws organized from time to time that carry a prize of $5 million. Finally, although Oz Lotto doesn’t guarantee the highest payout, the fact is that this lottery game has the record high Australian lotto prize at $100 million which was shared by 4 players three years ago.

A few other things you should know about Australian lottery games

According to many experts in this field, the online lottery will continue to grow in the next years and those interested in lottery games should definitely try how these games look like on the Internet. The internet is also the place where people can find Australian lotto results on the official websites of the aforementioned lotteries. In addition, there is a specialized website that summarize Australian lottery results from all the lotteries and users can easily get access to the information they need. Australian-lotteries