Colorado Lotto


The Colorado Lotto offers appealing winning chances and an easy-to-play format that has made thousands of people secondary and jackpot prize winners from its start.
The state founded the Colorado Lotto in January 1989. From the very beginning, the lottery has been using the same 6/42 scheme. In July 1990, due to widespread popularity and success of the lottery, the Colorado Lotto added a Saturday live draw to a Wednesday one. The lottery had  its largest jackpot payout of $27 million in 1992.
To play the Colorado Lotto, you just have to pick 6 numbers from a range of 1-42. Players can select from a six or ten line entry. Different lottery services offer Subscription and Multi-Draw options to ensure players never miss a draw and give incredible discounts.
Players must match 6 numbers to win the Colorado Lotto jackpot. Those who guess at least 3 numbers win one of three secondary prizes. All jackpots paid out annualy or as a lump sum and are taxed 34%.
The Colorado Lotto’s winning chances are some of the biggest among US state lotteries. The lottery’s 100th millionaire was the largest jackpot winner to date.
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