It is time to capture Europe! Play with the world’s first international lotto game Viking Lotto online and become a lottery hero now! With astonishing winning chances, enormous jackpots, and five outstanding secondary prizes, Viking Lotto is hard to overcome.


Viking Lotto Tips

Finland’s Viking Lotto combines a conventional lottery format with an excellent cost-benefit ratio that generates regular winner in Scandinavia’s international lottery.
The Viking Lotto joined smaller national lotteries in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden to create a unified lottery with broader involvement and a larger jackpot.
In 2004, seven of the eight participating countries (Sweden failed to join) added the bonus number option, which makes the draw exciting and can raise the jackpot.
Profits in the Viking Lotto are doled out to local communities by each of the eight participating states. Denmark places most of its earnings towards sport organizations and nonprofits, such as the Danish Organization for Disabled Persons. The Finnish officials are known for contributing towards art, science and youth activities.
You should select six numbers from a range of 1-48. Two bonus numbers are drawn from the exact same drum as they count only for secondary prizes. In addition, a bonus number is drawn from the same number range. The beginning jackpot comprises €1 million and rolls over until it is won.
Viking Lotto draws take place on Wednesdays at 19:30 GMT.
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