FL Lottery

Best and Most Effective Florida Lottery Win Plan


Florida lottery winnings can be acquired with proper skills, knowledge and information with the best winning plans. This can be a great asset to great winnings in the game.

Things to Consider More about Florida Lotto Game

Florida lottery is an exciting pick-6 type of lotto game having the highest jackpot odds of all lotteries around the world. This lottery game was founded as 6/49 game in 1988. In 1999, the game started to use the 6/53 format. In this game, you have to choose six different numbers from one to fifty-three. There are no power ball or bonus numbers that would be drawn in this game. Florida lotto drawings are usually held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday.

Best Strategy to Winning Lottery Florida

Lottery numbers in this lottery are drawn randomly. But they create a certain pattern that can be used and tracked for every player’s advantage. This is the reason why you need to carefully analyze all drawings to make sure that you could acquire the best winnings that most players want to achieve.

One of the best strategies on how to get lucky in this lotto Florida is to play with probabilities. You need to play with a certain pattern that allows the occurrence of numbers of five percent at a time. You may expect losing the pattern for almost ninety-five percent, especially if you don’t have the right skills and knowledge how to do it. So, you definitely shouldn’t blow an opportunity to win the game.

Even-Odd Tips for Lotto Numbers

When you have already selected your lotto numbers, you need to try having a relativity mix of all the even numbers and odd numbers you have selected. All the even and odd numbers you have chosen will be drawn rarely allowing one percent to occur at a time. The best mixes you need to select are 4/2, 2/4, 3/3, which is a manifestation of four even and two odd, or two even or four odd, or three even and three odd numbers respectively. Any of these patterns can give you almost eight percent of winning.

Cold and Hot Number Secrets of Lottery

Numbers that are considered to be losing for five lottery games are about half of the drawn winning numbers in Florida lottery. Those numbers that are drawn in less than ten lottery games offers higher percentage of winning numbers. These are considered to be the hot numbers that you need to hit.

It’s very hard to determine cold numbers that may let you lose your playing track. If you’re going to play with a specific number because you always think that it’s due, then you could be chasing the number for a couple of months. So, you need to be careful in differentiating cold and hot numbers to be sure of your great winnings in the game.