French Lotto

French Lotto


French Lottery Overview

If you wonder how and where the French lotto originated, keep reading. This article will provide you with all information regarding lotto France and its well-known syndicate system, French Euromillions.

Understanding French Lottery

It was 1976 when French Lotto was launched. As of today, its domination against other well-known lotteries is very strong, having almost 15 million players. It is operated by Francaise des Jeuxl, which is in charge of a gaming industry and national lottery in France. The lotto and draw style are similar to the traditional game. The jackpot starts at 2 million euros and employs rollover system. The latter means that if no one wins a game, an amount of 1 million euros is added to the next jackpot. The jackpot is provided with 34-time allowance to rollover.

How to Play French Lottery the Smart Way

French lotto, like any other lotto game, is played by selecting five numbers from 1 to 29 and one number out of the range of 1 to 10 (known as the lucky or bonus number). For you to get the jackpot prize, players choose a combination of five numbers and one bonus, or lucky, number, must match the respective numbers drawn. What is more, players can not only win the jackpot but also different tiers. They can get the 2nd prize just if your main combination matches the main combination drawn. In addition, players can also had the 3rd price once their lucky number and four main numbers match the luck number and four main numbers drawn. When it comes to the 5th prize, players must get lucky number and three main numbers; for the 6th prize, player must guess three main numbers.

Euromillions France – Popular French Lottery System

Euromillions is known as the syndicate system of the French lottery. It is played across Europe and in many non-European countries. Euromillions ticket consists of the numbers 1 to 50 from which players need to select five numbers and 2 numbers known as lucky stars from 1 to 9.

Generally, players need to select 7 numbers. You need to turn it in your favor. This can be done by implementing a reliable system that will increase chances of winning. Players who belong to syndicate system will have more opportunities to win than those who play on their own.

How Euromillions System Works

Players in this system are given predetermined numbers where one must hit only one number to get the Euromillions prize. The more people joining the game, the more chances you win the jackpot. Undoubtedly, you have to split the prize among other members of the team, but don’t worry since the system allows multiple winnings. The joint syndicate system doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a Euromillions ticket at all since syndicate administrator will do it for you.