Hot Lotto

Hot Lotto


Hot Lotto is a multi-state game with 8 state lotteries and an assured $1 million dollar starting jackpot. Participating states include Iowa, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, South and North Dakota, DC and West Virginia.

How to Play Hot Lotto?

Playing this game is so easy. The ticket costs only one dollar and a player might play up to 10 consecutive drawings beforehand.

Ways of Winning Prizes

Players of the Hot lotto who match five numbers will win the jackpot prize. That is at least $1 million dollars. The chances of winning this game is 1 to 1,939,383.

  • The player who matches the 1st five numbers wins 10,000 dollars. The chances of winning are 1 to 607, 744.
  • Matching 4 numbers and Hot Ball guarantees the win of 500 dollars. The chance of winning this prize is 1 to 64,349. And minus the Hot Ball,  players win 50 dollars.
  • 3 numbers and the Hot Ball provide 50 dollars. The chance of matching 3 numbers and the Hot Ball is 1 to 1,950. 2 numbers plus the Hot Ball will win 4 dollars. The chance of winning this prize is 1 to 108.
  • One number only and the Hot Ball give 3 dollars and only Hot Ball 2 dollars. The chance of winning this prize is 1 to 47 and 1 to 39 respectively.

The overall chance of winning the game 1 to 16.

How to Claim Hot Lotto Prizes?

Hot Lotto winners should claim cash prizes within one year from the day of the drawing. Winners may decide on a lump sum payment or yearly payment in sixty days from the time of drawing. For more information regarding the latest jackpot amounts log on to our site.

Hot Lotto Rules and Regulations

Hot Lotto Iowa rules and regulations are relatively simple. So as to play this game, the player is expected to choose any 5 numbers from number 1 to 39 plus a Hot Ball number from one to nineteen. Once six numbers matched the numbers picked out during the draw, the owner of the ticket wins the jackpot prize. Hot Lotto has a starting jackpot of one million dollars, which increases if the jackpot isn’t hit in. When you are not certain about the numbers you want to choose, there is a quick or random pick, which means the machine will select six numbers for you. Just choose the Quick Pick and the computer will select 6 numbers in a random order.

Hot Lotto Results

There are lots of Hot Lotto websites out there that publish winning numbers. You can also see the lucky numbers in newspapers and magazines. Make sure you check in on a frequent basis for the lottery drawing results.

Hot Lotto is indeed one of the most sought-after lotto games in Iowa and throughout the United States. It is easy to play and it offers a big jackpot.