Irish Lotto

Bet on Irish Lottery Online and Win Big


Have you been having a hard time trying to make ends meet? You can try your luck playing Irish national lottery and win big cash in real time.

Wonders of Playing Irish Lottery Online

Since 1988 when it replaced the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes, Irish national lottery has been a household name and a favorite game among lottery players. There are a lot of benefits that one can get when they play Irish lottery. With an estimated 2/3 of Irish adults that play it regularly, Irish national lottery is indeed a great game to bet your money with big chances of winning a huge amount of money. Irish Lottery is not only very easy to play but is just like a win-win situation for the players. You spend just a little bit because the Irish lotto ticket costs only £1.50 and if some day is your lucky day, you can take the jackpot, which ranges from approximately £1.2-£13.83 million. Playing Irish lotto gives more ways of winning big prizes, and all you have to do is to buy a lotto ticket.

How to Play Irish Lotto

The Irish lottery, unlike other lotto games in the world, is very simple to play. It only requires players to select 6 numbers from 1-47. Then, 7 numbers will be drawn, which consist of 6 main numbers and 1 bonus number. In order for a certain player to win the jackpot prize, his selections must match all 6 numbers. The players of this game can choose their own numbers or opt for a Quick Pick. The Quick Pick will generate a random entry automatically. If you want to increase your luck or chances of winning, then it will be much better if you enable the Lotto Plus 1 and the Lotto Plus 2 options.

Irish National Lottery Rules

The Irish lottery is a 6/47 game that has a Bonus ball plus 2 extra games: Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Draws take place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 8p.m. with 8 different prize tiers that are available. Just like other games in the world, there are also some rules that one must follow when they play the Irish lottery game. A player must be of legal age, which is 18 years old and above, and buy a lotto ticket before a draw. Ticket sales close 15 minutes right before each draw. There is a minimum of 2 lines that must be played on a certain official Irish Lotto Ticket, and if you are very fortunate and won, the prize must be claimed within next 90 days right after the draw.

Why Irish Lottery is Much Better

Are you already tired of playing lotto every single week for a little or even no return? Perhaps, you should make a change. If you lose thousands playing lotto and come home with an empty pocket and regretting heart, maybe, it is now time for you to try the Irish lottery. Despite the fact that it is 25% cheaper than others, it has got more ways to possibly win this game too. For an extra 50p extra, you can also play 2 Lotto Plus draws. This will provide you with a secondary draw and your numbers will be re-entered for a second chance to win a prize up to £500,000. Another advantage of playing Irish Lottery is that it has better odds, which are 1 to 1,357,510, compared to the odds in other lotto games that you know.

Why It Is Much Better to Play Irish Lotto Online than to Buy an Official Lotto Ticket?

With today’s very busy world and lifestyle, it can be really difficult to buy an official lotto ticket no matter how much you want it. The innovative technology is a boon, because it is now possible to play Irish lotto online, which is a beneficial alternative to most people, especially those that are busy all day long. Whether you are in the UK or here in Ireland, you can now play Irish lottery without any trouble. It is available for online play or bet now. The Irish lottery online is not only easier but also faster and way more convenient.

Benefits of Playing Irish Lottery Online

It is always better to settle to nothing but the best. Playing Irish lottery online is a trend, which a lot of people find more advantageous these days. As a faster, more convenient and easier way to try your luck, a lot of us also prefer playing Irish lotto online because it is more secure due to swift and encrypted transactions that use the same technology that is used by the world’s most powerful and biggest banking institutions. Worrying about checking the results or losing tickets will never be a problem because everything is done automatically. If you bet online and win, you can expect that your prize will be transferred right to your account automatically. The jackpot payout are guaranteed as well as underwritten by the leading global insurance firms. In addition, betting on the Irish lottery results is as easy as actually buying the lottery ticket.