NY Lottery

New York Lottery – 5 billion of payments on winnings!


That’s, paying $ 1.5 per match, you play 2 sets of numbers! Total ticket price – $ 9. The drawing includes one bonus and 6 numbers. For the jackpot you must estimate 6 numbers in the two sets. When estimating the other groups, such as the bonus amount, the player also, for nothing will be left. The jackpot begins at $ 3 million., Proceeding from game to game, he “grows up.” The value of the jackpot is $ 13 million.

The process of the lottery

New York Lottery is played in the evening Saturday and Wednesday, lottery drum determines the rooms.
To participate in the lottery, you must be older than the values of citizenship and place of dwelling, 18 years haven’t. Prizes up to $ 600 can be found from vendors lotteries, circulation period – 45 days. Winnings higher degree need treatment at work of the firm within annually after the draw. The victor has the right to the jackpot at once and divide the winnings. Taxes that are paying supplies local taxes and national payments and for foreigners


In Nyc, lotteries were used before the 20th century to increase earnings for non-educational needs. New York City Hall was constructed with lottery earnings in part. Other lotteries helped construct and fix roads, canals, ferries, and bridges. Lotteries also were held for nonpublic needs. They helped develop the manufacturing industries of New York City. Churches were built, reconstructed, or enhanced with lottery funds.
The referendum passed with over 60% in favor. The earnings of the Lottery were to be “used only to, or in aid or support of, instruction.” The Lottery afterwards became an autonomous unit within the Department of Finance and Taxation. Under the New York State Lottery for Education Law, the manager of the Department of the Lottery has complete power over the management of the Lottery.Sales were suspended for about nine months in 1975 76 due to some scandal. The first big winner of the Lottery was Lou Eisenberg, who won $5,000,000 in 1981; in that age, victor couldn’t pick cash in lieu of annuityAn arrangement between Powerball and Mega Millions was reached in October 2009.Lottery winnings are subject to Federal and state income taxes. New York City and Yonkers residents are subject to local income taxes.(In the 201112 fiscal year, revenues of New York Lotto were down nearly 15% from the preceding 12 months; its minimal rollovers are currently just $300,000 annuity.) A claim on or after May 1, 2013 of an annuitized scrape-game prize (including “life” prizes) enables the winner to pick lump sum in lieu of the regular payments  the New York Lottery was phasing in scribble games with all-cash prizes of at least $1,000,000.
The New York Lottery’s operations were merged to form the New York State Gaming Commission.