OZ Saturday

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It is known that once you’ve heard the word ‘lottery’, luck will be on your side at once. But besides that, there are other reasons why you should know this better and play it. And that is for entertainment and good cause. Playing Oz Saturday would let you enjoy the whole thrill and suspense you would feel all along and be fulfilled knowing that part of what you pay will proceed to needy people.

How to Play it?

With Oz Lotteries, you can have a chance to play lotto in an easier way. What you need to do is to click “Play Lotto” right at the top of the page, select a game you’d like and follow instructions. On the other hand, if you are going to play on the home page, make sure that you will enter the right game you want to play. When the numbers you choose are drawn, Oz Lottery sends you an email that informs you about the results.

Requirements To Play Lotto Saturday Australia

Mind that you don’t need to be an Australian resident to play with Oz Lottery. Each game bought through Oz Lottery is registered automatically on your name, so you have a guarantee on the winning prizes. However, entries are closed right at the recent cut-off times prior to the official draw. Oz lottery will display your remaining time in order to play right next to every of the lotto game within the play page.

How Will Players Get Paid?

You should know that Oz Saturday lotto holds a ticket for you. You can see the tickets and print them right from My Account page. Furthermore, they will deposit any of the winning funds on your account automatically. With that, you can request money withdrawal by cheque or through direct deposit to your bank account. Then, your ID will be verified before payment of the prize regardless of the amount.

Official Australian Saturday lotto results are typically provided within 12-48 hours after the draw. Prizes are displayed on your account right on the daythat follows the respective draw.

Your funds are available for payment, withdrawal or even further utilization:

  • Prizes on division 1 will be paid within 24 hours right after the draw.
  • Prizes on division 2 will be paid within 8 days right after the draw.
  • Prizes for other divisions are available for withdrawal on the day after the draw.

Where is Oz Lotto Saturday Located?

It is located at Suite 307, 370 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004, Australia. On the other hand, TMS New South Wales is situated right at Suite 13, 89-97 Jones Street, Ultimo, NSW, Australia. Come and play Oz Lotto Saturday now.