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The U.S. state-of Nj runs the New Jersey Lottery. Its pull activities are: Powerball, Mega-Millions, Cash4Life, Choose-6, Jersey Income 5, 5 Card Money, Choose- and Choose-3. Scratch tickets are also sold by the Lottery.New Jersey Lottery participants should be atleast 18 yrs old.The ticket’s award worth was roughly $338, 000, 000. An immigrant residing in Passaic, Pedro Quezada stated the ticket selecting the money alternative.


Mission Statement

The mission of the New Jersey Lottery is to raise revenue for maximum contribution to education and institutions benefiting the citizens of New Jersey through the responsible sale of Lottery products. We accomplish this by providing entertaining products through a dynamic public business enterprise built upon honesty, integrity, customer satisfaction, teamwork, and public/private partnerships.

Decide Pick-6

Decide-6 Xtra is drawn on Thursday and Monday evenings. It draws on six balls from 1. The jackpot starts at $2 million (annuitized with a cash alternative) and grows by at least $200,000 per rollover until there’s a 6-of-6 winner.
Pick-6 started on May 9, 1980 as among the first games of its type in the US. It initially was a pick-6  of 39 amounts. It afterwards went to a 6/42 matrix, followed by an added change to 6/46; making even higher jackpots potential. (Although the Pick-6 cash alternative commenced in 1997, it employed just to the “routine” game; selecting “cash” on a betslip, subsequently winning the top prize in the “bonus” drawing, still meant receiving compulsory annuity payments.)
In September 2000, Pick-6 embraced it present 6/49 format, adding matching three numbers. a $3 prize for Matching at least four amounts has consistently won a parimutuel prize.
Fitting five, four, or three of the six amounts means the fundamental parimutuel prize is multiplied by the “XTRA” number. Matching two amounts wins the $2 wager back

New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto draws are made at 7:58pm local time every Monday and Thursday. Results will appear here shortly after the draw has taken place and are closely followed by full prize breakdowns. There’s no need to hang on in suspense, wondering whether you are a Pick-6 millionaire – find out straight away!