SuperEna Lotto

The Famous SuperEnalotto – Steeped in Italian Lottery History


On 3 December 1997 Italian lottery operator SISAL reincarnated the Enalotto to become SuperEnalotto.


Italian SuperEnalotto Draw Program

SuperEnalotto draws take place at 20:00 local time. SuperEnalotto has been among the world popular online lotto games for years.
That is scarcely surprising when you consider the fact that Italy’s national lottery regularly offers enormous jackpots – jackpots that may roll over without reaching a limit, a maximum
The jackpot winners matches all six numbers in the primary pool. The tremendous prize that was second is scooped up the so called Jolly amount along with by those fitting 5 from the 6 main numbers – a bonus ball!The main game of the Italian national lottery offers six prize groups: four more, another prize and the jackpot prize groups that are lower. Players can win prizes.

What’s the SuperEnalotto Record?

The beginning jackpot in the SuperEnalotto is a fine €1,300,000 the but, Italian lotto is famous for making enormous jackpots after drawn-out rollover An excellent example of this type of cycle created the largest-ever SuperEnalotto jackpot – a jaw-dropping €177.7 million. After Italy’s favourite lotto were rolling over for almost nine months – a world rollover record this SuperEnalotto jackpot was scooped up in October 2010!
The sums that are staggering was in fact. We offer syndicates for the SuperEnalotto alongside various other alternatives that are ticketing.

What’s the SuperEnalotto Jolly?

The Jolly ball is a bonus amount that decrees the previously discussed second prize, i.e. the 5 1 prize. Whilst so that you can win the jackpot you may not need to match the Jolly, the Italian Lotto Jolly ball is intended for prevailing in the second prize group that was astonishing.

What’re the SuperEnalotto Jackpot Winning Chances?

The chances of you winning the SuperEnalotto are 1 to 622,614,630. The winning chances of whilst SuperEnalotto are comparatively steep compared to another national lotteries, it’s worth noting it is precisely because of this very reason the SuperEnalotto often offers some of the greatest jackpots in Europe and the world.